Student’s Clubs

Art and Craft Club


Aesthetic education is one of the important areas in the total development of the child. It aims to instil in children an appreciation of the beauty in nature. Through the study of the arts and other means of human expression the quality of human life can be enriched. It enhances not only the aesthetic sensibilities but also observation skills, creative approach, interpretation and originality and perspective. The students are motivated to experiment with different art modes and mediums. This helps the children to consider designing animation, interior decoration etc as their profession.


Computer Club


The objectives of the Computer Club are to widen the perspectives of our students in Infocomm Technology and allow them to get hands-on experiences with media. Members get to expand their horizons by learning different multimedia skills using existing software, such as Adobe Flash,  Photoshop, 3D modelling software etc., and constantly trying out new programs. By using various software, students become more tech-savvy and efficient, which is definitely a benefit in the 21st century. Experienced and friendly trainers ensure that members are well prepared for competitions and help them through problems, should they happen to encounter any.


The Computer Club also gives back to the community by organizing community outreach programmes in collaboration with Koshish Educator’s Forum to provide under privileged members of our society access to vocational guidance, such as ability to work on MS Office etc, that they will find useful when they join the workforce. Through this, Infocomm can not only be used for entertainment purposes or for the participation in competitions, but it can also be used to better the lives of others.




ATL stands for Atal Tinkering Labs


The AIM of Atal Tinkering Laboratory is to explore, experiment, identify problems and create solutions. It promotes learning by doing, to foster innovation by building prototypes with 3D printers, mechanical and electrical tools, micro-electronic boards, sensors and programming. Through this innovative lab we seek to explore Aerospace, Medical diagnostics, Clean energy and Bio technology. The ATL Club has trained and assisted students in multiple projects for various inter school competitions at the city, state as well as the national level. One such project i.e.  MAGLEV Train won the C.B.S.E. National Science Competition in 2018. Currently the Club is engaged in preparing the students for the IRIS Competition organized by INTEL Technologies wherein students who win the national rounds will go to USA to represent India at the international forum.



LTS Club


LTS Club stands for “Leadership Training Service Club” which has aim of developing a child’s Personality, Leadership Skills, Social Awareness and Social Responsibility. These skills are necessary for all to take on leadership roles now and in the future in all phases of life. Through the activities of this club the students are made to realise their social responsibilities and thus activities like helping out in the Old age homes, orphanages, special schools, thanks giving to our soldiers, organising blood donation camps etc are organised. Other activities inculcate self-confidence, teamwork and organisational skills.



Heritage Club


The Heritage Club explores the meaning of heritage to understand ourselves better, and to appreciate the cultural interconnectedness of the past, present and the future. This club engages in activities that explore our personal and local histories as well as World Heritage properties to achieve our aims. The activities entailed range from watching films, going for history walks, visit museums and galleries, build our family trees, village/city  histories, etc.


The objectives of the Club include bringing history and social science curriculum alive for the students through active learning and doing. To promote awareness of and involvement in heritage to inculcate a respect for diversity ,tolerance ,mutual understanding, patience and promotes peaceful co existence in our children and lastly to equip the children to understand and explore their local heritage and gain a confident sense of self.



Gardening Club


The main aim of the Gardening Club is to promote interest in and knowledge of horticulture, gardening, garden therapy, and to encourage beautification of home, community, and state. Its objectives and success lies in encouraging the appreciation and conservation of wildflowers, wildlife, forests, wilderness areas, and other natural resources and cooperate with other agencies promoting these interests.

Finally, children are taught to be creative in optimally utilising the spaces in their homes where nature can thrive in all its majesty.


Literary Club


The Literary Club provides a take-off point to the work of Literature. It creates opportunities to enhance a child’s interest in reading, comprehending, writing and vocabulary development and recitation. The activities undertaken help the children boost confidence to participate in Intra and Inter school competitions like Debates and Declamations and Elocutions.


Needle work Club


Needle work Club aims to stimulate creativity and imagination. It enables children to communicate what they see and create through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern and different materials and processes. Children become involved in shaping their environments through art, craft and design activities. They explore ideas and meanings through the work of artists and designers. The Club’s objectives include developing the skill and interest in needle work, maintain high standards in design while giving due importance to traditional techniques, developing a sense of bonding with others sharing the same passions and lastly to be independent in life.



Mathematics Club


Mathematics is described as the fundamental language. The aim of the Mathematics Club is to enable the students to recognise that Mathematics permeates the world around us, to enjoy mathematics, develop mathematical curiosity, abstract, logical and critical thinking through use of activity based learning, 3-D Models, Magic squares etc. Math Club thus endeavours to remove the mathematics phobia by organising group activities, puzzles, quiz etc.



Health Club


Health and wellness club positively influences the habits, attitude and behaviour of students towards the attainment of optimum health. The students are exposed to a variety of activities and experiences related to intellectual, physical and emotional well-being. These activities also help students to develop a deep understanding of the interrelationship between their inner self and their surroundings. The main objective is to promote healthy life style and to nurture the concern for a healthy environment.



Eco Club


The focus of the Eco Club is to form a personal connect between the students and plants through a process of experience, reflection and creation, carried out through various activities.


The Eco Club students participate in many plantation drives of medicinal plants like Tulsi, kalmegh, lemon grass. Aloe Vera, Giloy, etc. Awareness campaigns are carried out wherein, students distribute the medicinal plants to the residents and inform them about their productive uses from a health perspective. Additionally, practices to promote Swachhta Abhiyaan, using recycled materials for creating daily use items are emphasized on a regular basis


All activities undertaken by the Eco Club are aimed to instil a value system in the younger generation and provide them an education, so that they may become the productive members of our society with an environmental consciousness


Wisdom Club


The wisdom Club  aims to apprise the young minds. The activities organised intend to sharpen and feed the curiosity of young minds. The students are encouraged to think out of the box resulting in innovation and creation. It aims to develop a sense of self-respect/sincerity/honesty and hardworking and loving kindness to others. Enable the children to take up the responsibilities and sensibilities as required for the benefit of our society. How to lead a balanced life and so forth.


Cooking club


The Cooking Club aims to engage children in positive sensory experiences with a variety of health foods. It not only aims to identify personal food preferences but also learn about the cultures of the world. Activities involved help to appreciate the pleasures of cooking. The various age groups are taught the basics of meal preparation which gradually increases to finer presentation of dishes. The activities also help the children to understand the importance of a homemaker. The activities also help them to see Hotel management and other related professions.