It is a known fact that ‘teaching safety’ is an essential part of the learning process. Keeping this in mind, SAFETY WEEK was organised by the staff and students of the school. Through the week of May 7, 2018 various activities had been planned to make sure that our students and others through them, become risk aware.



The entire week was divided to cover a majority of safety related issues :


  1. Health Safety: To promote good health, various activities were organised relating to Personal Hygiene, Good & healthy food/balanced diet, dealing with stress including a PPT on healthy living. This safety aspect on Health was organised by children of Class VI.
  2. Earthquake Safety : Children of Class VII, organised sessions on precautions to be taken during an earthquake, evacuation drills, PPT on earthquake safety and a game called ‘Hunt for Hazards’
  3. Fire Safety : Children of Class VIII, disseminated information relating to Fire safety at home and school, precautions to be taken while handling crackers, emergency phone numbers in case of fire.
  4. School Safety : Class IX students took up the cause of school safety by discussing ‘School Safety Rules’, School bus safety tips, PPT on school safety and interaction of what makes one feel unsafe.
  5. Road Safety: Traffic Rules, Road Safety Signs making and discussion via PPT, Role playing of a road accident were organised by Class X students.