Our little ones tie handmade Rakhis to fire fighters….

The little ones at our International wing tie handmade Rakhis to fire fighters….


Rakhi is a special time to increase and strengthen the bond between a brother and sister. The appeal of this bond is universal and the celebration spans not only between own siblings but also amongst many other sections of the society.

Keeping in view the above sentiments, the little ones at our International wing visited the office of Fire and Emergency Services, Sector 17, Chandigarh and tied the handmade Rakhies to fire fighters to bring smile on their faces and appreciate their courage and scarifies  they  make personally for our safety.


The children were given a tour of the station and fire trucks. They also interacted with fire-fighters who taught them about the importance of fire safety. Fire-fighters dressed in full bunker gear to show the children what a fire fighter might look like during a fire.


 The idea behind this gesture was to inculcate the love and respect for the people who risk their lives for our safety.

The students came back to school with the feeling, “God Bless each and every one of them, for all they do for us. We shall forever keep them in our hearts and for their safety we pray. Tying rakhis is just an expression of our gratitude and love we feel for them.”