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Stepping Stones International aspires to stand out among the best schools of the region. WE have a progressive outlook with an intellectual rigour, where a sound foundation of critical thinking and articulating is laid in an environment that encourages curiosity and discovery.


The curriculum at Stepping Stones International is skill centric. It provides every learner with sustained opportunity to learn. The programme being offered in Stepping Stones International aims to help students develop the skills, knowledge and attitude they need, to excel not only in their studies, but also in their personal growth. It provides our students with strong moral values, especially tolerance and understanding of different cultures and religions.

Following are the subjects from classes 1 to 10

Subject/Class  1 & 2 3 to 5 6 to 8 9 & 10
Languages Hindi, English Hindi, English Punjabi/French Hindi, English Punjabi/French English, Hindi/Punjabi
Social Science Environmental Studies Social Studies Social Studies History, Civics, Geography, Economics
Science General Science General Science Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Mathematics Math Math Math Math
Performing Arts Music, Dance, Drama Music, Dance, Drama
Visual Arts Fine Arts, Pottery and Craft Fine Arts, Pottery and Craft Fine Arts, Pottery and Craft
Physical Education Sports and Yoga Sports and Yoga Sports and Yoga Sports and Yoga
ICT Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science


Teaching Methodology

Stepping Stones International follows an all-inclusive and learner-centric teaching methodology that focuses on an Explore – Experience – Implement model of learning that is practiced at all levels of the organisation. Our endeavour is to prevent rote learning and develop a spirit of enquiry, curiosity, enthusiasm and passion, the basis for a logical and a scientific temperament. We aim to develop original thinkers and leaders for tomorrow.

The Extra Curriculum

Activities:  Martial Arts, Skating, Dance, Singing, Drama, public Speaking, Yoga, Gymnastics


Clubs:  Science, Multimedia, leadership, innovation, Eco Club, Literary, Maths

(For VI to X)


Field Trips: Field trip is an interesting mean of making connections with real life experiences. It helps the students to develop new perspective towards the concept they have studied in the classrooms. They get more confident and curious about their surroundings and people. Regular field trips are integral part of Stepping Stones International.

Infrastructure and Facilities

  1. Class Strength: Not more than 28 students per class.


  1. Labs: State of the art Physics, chemistry and computer labs are available in the school.


  1. Atal Tinkering Lab: We were recently awarded a grant from NitiAyog to set up a technology lab in the school to promote innovative thinking in the children. The lab is equipped with 3-D printers, robotic kits, electronic components and mechanical tools


  1. Smart Class teaching: All classes are equipped with projectors and smart boards. We have partnered with various content providers like Pearson Education, Tata Class Edge, Class Teacher We also have deployed a language lab and 3D labs to promote deeper understanding and more immersive learning environment


  1. Assessment Program: To ensure that each child has understood concepts clearly, innovative assessment and remedial methods in partner with Opendoor Education and Assessed have been adopted


  1. Science Kits: Important science concepts are taught through practical application in the class using Eureka and Konstrukt science kits.


  1. Library: Large resource bank of periodicals, encyclopaedia and books to offer an amazing variety of learning experience for all age groups.


  1. Transport: The buses are GPS enabled and CCTV cameras are installed in all the buses. A lady attendant is also provided.


  1. Sports Grounds: Stepping Stones have following sports grounds:
  • Basketball Court
  • Football Ground
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Volleyball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Athletic Facilities

Provision of coaching of football and Basketball in the morning (before the school hours)

  1. Medical Room and In-house Doctor:- A well equipped medical room and in-house doctor is available to handle any emergency situation at the first hand and provide first aid.


  1. Multi Media Room:- A room equipped with all the technology required for guest lectures and workshops for the children.


  1. Counsellor: – An in house trained counsellor for the emotional well being of the children.
  2. CoCurricular Activities: Various activities are done twice a week to hone co-curricular skills of the children
  • LTS Club
  • Health Club
  • Heritage Club
  • Eco Club
  • Literary Club
  • Math Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Needle Work/Craft Club

Technology @Stepping Stones

Application of Technology for Safety, Communication & Learning is an integral part of the school system. This benefits all the stakeholders and also supports the objective of continuous improvement.

Transparent Classrooms:-  Parents of classes I, II and III can observe their child’s “live” class via internet.

School pad: – Keeps parents more involved into their child’s progress at School by getting all child related updates on their smart phone. Parents can also send messages and discuss their child related queries with teachers directly through this app.


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