Highly qualified and experienced teachers well equipped to constantly guide and advise their students form the core of the staff. The staff is carefully selected and is motivated to do justice to the vast responsibility of imparting meaningful education. For the senior secondary level the school has on its staff some of the highly acclaimed teachers.
From time to time the school organizes visits of renowned personalities in various fields thus broadening the vision of the students.
Special arrangement is made for professionals to visit the school twice a week to guide the students in particular fields like karate, gymnastics, yoga, music, dance, aerobics, dramatics and computers.


About Us

We believe :-
That each child has a potential and we are here to realize it.

  • Moral integrity is a fundamental guiding principle of legislating our thought and action.
  • The development of creative and analytical skills empower the individual’s intellectual calibres.
  • The development of Global perspective fosters responsible global citizens.
  • Pursuit of excellence stimulates personal growth.



We will be accountable and work together to

  • Provide a safe, secure, nurturing environment
  • Ensure quality care by introducing activities designed from proper development
  • Establish and maintain school, family, community partnerships
  • Foster students’ developmental assets
  • Use programs and teaching methods that motivate the students
  • Help the child work independendently & create self confidence in himself through gentle but firm guidance
  • Ensure that students master the essential curriculum
  • Recruit, develop, and retain a highly qualified staff
  • Promote success while respecting each student’s potential to the maximum
  • Value diversity
  • Meet the needs of the future
1 Ms. Anu Kumar PRINCIPAL
3 Ms. Parmil Sharma TGT
4 Ms. Anita TGT
5 Ms. Alka Kumari TGT
6 Ms. Jyotsna Sharma TGT
7 Ms. Shashi Bahri TGT
8 Ms. Ritu Abrol PGT
9 Mr. Gurpreet Singh PGT
10 Ms. Sushma Arora TGT
11 Ms. Nupur PGT
12 Ms. Seema Khurana TGT
13 Ms. Ritu Ailmadi TGT
14 Ms. Vijender Grewal TGT
15 Mr. Dinesh Kumar PTI
16 Ms. Suman PTI
17 Ms. Jasjeet Thakur PGT
18 Ms. Nidhi Sharma PGT
19 Ms. Jayati Chakraboarty PGT
20 Ms. Vijayata TGT
21 Ms. Hardeep Walia TGT
22 Ms. Anju Gupta PGT
23 Ms. Piyali Chaudhary PGT
24 Ms. Anju Bala TGT
25 Ms. Shashi Wadhwa TGT
26 Ms. Prity TGT
27 Ms. Aarti Chandel TGT
28 Mr. Karan Khanna PGT
29 Ms. Renu Sharma TGT
30 Ms. Sajleen TGT