About CBSE-i


Through CBSE-International, Stepping Stones hopes to provide quality which is equitable, accessible and in tune with the demands of our modern society. While retaining the strengths of traditional education which lays great stress on theoretical learning, we endeavour to teach the children how to apply this strong theoretical base to solve practical problems.

CBSE-i is
  • A response to the need to create schools which are futuristic
  • A way to move to an enquiry based skills approach in which teachers & students engage in collaborative learning
  • Involved in creating students who raise questions, think, reflect, analyse, interpret, experiment, research and create knowledge
  • A set of materials, print and electronic which help teachers to innovate and create


The CBSE-i Team

Highly qualified and experienced teachers who go through an exclusive training with CBSE board form the core of the staff. They are empowered to constantly guide and advise their students. The staff is carefully selected and is motivated to do justice to the vast responsibility of imparting meaningful education.


Why CBSE-i at Stepping Stones….

Academic Advantages

  • Teacher-Student ratio 1:25
  • Introducing language labs for learning of foreign languages English and French
  • French as a foreign language starting class III
  • Math is Core and Elective to give students flexible approach to learning
  • Taking science and technology further-introducing ‘Breakthroughs’
  • Learning through the Newly Introduced Core Areas, Perspectives; SEWA; Life Skills; Research; ICT and Physical Education
  • Visual & Performing art become part of the curriculum

Facilities Available

  • 1:1 ratio of student to technological device; introducing tablets in class rooms
  • Transparent classrooms wherein parents of classes I, II and III, can observe their child ‘live’ in class, via the internet
  • Wi-fi enabled , spacious and temperature controlled rooms
  • Vibrant, dynamic, flexible and learner friendly layout
  • Bright decor of the classrooms adding to the cheerful and welcoming ambience
  • Modular furniture allowing the rapid reorganization of the classroom to accommodate group work and differentiation as required
  • Interactive Touch Screen Boards, Projectors, Laptops , which provide a rich e-learning experience
  • Extensive displays in every classroom providing space for various automated mechanisms through which students learn their lessons not just academic but of their ‘lives’
  • Systematic theme based work
  • Exclusive Activity room includes a huge Dramatic Zone; a Sculpting Workshop; a Music Centre; a unique Climbing Wall and much more
  • A common multimedia room; computer laboratory and various interaction and library areas


CBSE-i Concept Note

The Central Board of Secondary Education is a national board with more than 11500 schools affiliated to it within the country and abroad. The students in these schools need a curriculum that is competitive with global trends and current pedagogical patterns.

It is in this context that the CBSE has initiated an International Curriculum or CBSE-i. The Board has operationalised CBSE International CBSE-i as a response to educational needs of millions of learners; in order to provide them with a globally sensitive curriculum that would help Indian learners either to pursue their higher studies in countries abroad or interact meaningfully with global markets for ensuring active participation in the development process.


CBSE International (CBSE-i) curriculum content and transaction is more sensitive and responsive to global needs, and is an internationally benchmarked curriculum.

The Board has launched its international curriculum called CBSE-i which aims to carry forward the basic strength of the Indian educational system.

The foundation of core skills in Mathematics and Science education will continue in the international curriculum with a difference. The difference is that Mathematics will be provided at two levels –’Core and Elective’ to cater to the different kinds of learners. Science education in addition to the foundation will also have an extension, on ‘Breakthroughs” which will primarily take into account the latest technological advances in Science and Technology.

While promoting the Creative and Critical Thinking Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills – Collaborative Skills along with Information and Media Skills there is an inbuilt flexibility in CBSE-i, as it provides levels of learning to cater to the different pace of learners.

Features of CBSE-i
  • The CBSE International (CBSE-i) provides opportunities for extended learning, development of perspectives, research orientation, SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work and Action) and a more liberal approach towards arts education (both Visual and Performing Arts).
  • It also provides flexibility in learning of languages by giving the opportunity to study English, Hindi, Mother tongue, local language or any of the foreign languages being offered by the Board.
  • It also provides an alternative approach to Mathematics learning by providing for its study at two levels.
  • Social Sciences with valuable historical perspectives and components of the countries in which schools are situated will be added features.


CBSE-i in a nutshell


Assessment and Evaluation Guidelines
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Move from purely summative assessments to a variety of assessment tools catering to varying learner needs
  • A combination of formative and summative assessments based on multiple intelligences
  • Research projects (students work at their own pace), non examinable elements in all curriculum areas


Continuous Teacher Empowerment

The CBSE-i will require consistent Teacher Empowerment which will be done on a sustained basis.


CBSE-i Fee Structure 2017-18


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