Affiliation Status



The School is affiliated with CBSE and recognised by U.T. Administration
Mandatory Disclosure Form for Accreditation

1. Details of the institution:

1.1 Name of the Institution Stepping Stones 37-D (Senior Block) Stepping Stones 38-A (Junior Block)
1.2 Complete postal address: Sector 37-D, Chandigarh
P.O: Sector 36
City: Chandigarh
Pin: 160036
Sector 38-A, Chandigarh
P.O: Sector 38
City: Chandigarh
Pin: 160038
1.3 Phone 0172-2636751, 7529080808 0172-2686863
1.4 E-mail
1.5 Website Address
1.6 Type of Institution Co-education Co-education
1.7 Status of Institution non-minority non-minority
1.8 Principal Ms. Anu Kumar
Mobile no. 9988888901
E-mail ID:
Ms. Anu Kumar
Mobile no. 9988888901
E-mail ID:
1.9 Director Mr. Sunil Kumar
Mobile no. 9814339731
E-mail ID:
Mr. Sunil Kumar
Mobile no. 9814339731
E-mail ID:
1.10 Year of Establishment 1984 1984
1.11 Affiliatoin Number 2630052 2630052
1.12 Affiliation with the Board since 1997 1997
1.13 Extension of affiliation upto 2019 2015
1.14 Status of Affiliation Provisional Provisional
1.15 Name of Trust Registered under
Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956.
Stepping Stones School Society Chandigarh Letter No is DEO/UT/CR/2013/6782/-84
1.16 NOC obtained Application of affiliation was recommendation by DPI

2. Management:

2.1 Self financed

3. Land:

3.1 Land Identification School site in sector 37-D, Chandigarh School site in sector 38-A, Chandigarh
3.2 Land Area in sq mt 9835.37 sq yds i.e. 8218.56 sq mt 5301.38 sq mt
3.3 Whether the Title of the land is on
Ownership basis
Land is on 99 yrs lease to school society Land is on 99 yrs lease to school society
3.4 Title of the land is on lease as per law Yes Yes
3.5 Duration of the lease 99 Yrs i.e. upto year 2101 99 Yrs i.e. upto year 2101
3.6 Land Use Certificate obtained for
Educational Institution
Yes Yes

4. Manpower:

4.1 Whether new teachers are CTET qualified None has been appointed this session

5. Building:

5.1 Construction of the building is complete Yes Yes
5.2 Building is yet to be constructed No No
5.3 Building is fire safety-proof Yes Yes
5.4 Building is disabled friendly No No
5.5 common room for boys/girls available No No
5.6 Covered Area in sq mt 2415.5 sq mt 5292.9 sq mt
5.7 Covered Area in Acres 2.04 Acres 1.31 acres
5.8 Area of Playground in sq. mtrs. 4964.4 sq mt 4300 sq mtrs

6. Library:

6.1 The Liabrary has seprate reference section/Journals section and reading room Yes Yes
6.2 Total number of periodicals being subscribed 4 4
6.3 Numbers of books available in the reference section of the library 100% 100%
6.4 Numbers of Magazine 4 5

7. Facilities for games & sports:

7.1 Own Playground Yes Yes
7.2 Playground of another institution on sharing basis No No
7.3 Gymnasium/Multipurpose hall Yes Yes
7.4 Facilities for gymnasium Yes Yes
7.5 Facilities for athletics Yes Yes
7.6 Facilities for Indoor Games Yes Yes
7.7 Facilities for Outdoor Games Yes Yes

8. Other facilities available:

8.1 Canteen facilities available or not No No
8.2 Medical facilities available or not Yes Yes
8.3 Hostel facilities available or not No No

10. Transport Facility :

10.1 Own Buses No No
10.2 Buses hired on contract basis Yes Yes
10.3 Details of transport charges

11. Mode of payment of salary :

11.1 Name of Bank through
which salary is drawing
Orientel Bank Of Commerce
sector 37-D, Chandigarh
Federal Bank Sector 38-D, Chandigarh
Orientel Bank Of Commerce
sector 37-D, Chandigarh
Federal Bank Sector 38-D, Chandigarh
11.2 Through single cheque transfer advice Yes Yes
11.3 Individual Cheque No No
11.4 Cash No No

12. Members of Sexual Harassment Committee :

12.1  Name of the Grievance/ redressal officer: Mr. Dinesh Bhardwaj and Ms. Sushma Arora
12.2 Students Grievance Redressal Form
For 37-D (Senior Block) Anu Kumar(Chair Person)Teachers Committee:Mr. Dinesh Bhardwaj and Ms. Sushma AroraParent Committee:Ms.Jasjeet Thakur, Ms.Vandana Kansal For 38-A (Junior Block)Teachers Committee:Ms.Archna Aggarwal, Ms. Poonam RanaParent Committee:Ms.Arti Bishnoi, Ms.Neelu Sharma

13.Teachers List For 37-D

S.No. Teachers Names Designation
1 Anu Kumar Principal
2 Nidhi Sharma PGT
3 Prity Mayer TGT
4 Bhawna TGT
5 Anita TGT
6 Anju Gupta PGT
7 Seema Khurana TGT
8 Jyotsna Sharma TGT
9 Parmil Sharma TGT
10 Amandeep Singh PTI
11 Jayati Chakrabarty PGT
12 Suman Bala PTI
13 Seema PGT
14 Vajinder Grewal TGT
15 Neena Luthra PGT
16 Alka Kumari Librarian
17 Swati TGT
18 Renu Sharma TGT
19 Karan Khanna PGT
20 Sushma Arora PGT
21 Gurpreet Singh PGT
22 Anju Bala TGT
23 Jasjeet Thakur PGT
24 Ritu Abrol PGT
25 Monika Arora TGT
26 Poonam Rana PTI
27 Ritu Ailmadi TGT
28 Leena TGT
29 Pronoti TGT
30 Rakesh TGT
31 Rakhi Birla TGT
32 Neena TGT
S.No. Teachers Names Designation
1 Monika HR
2 Jasleen Kaur PRT
3 Sanchi PRT
4 Simrat Sandhu PRT
5 Tandeep Kaur PRT
6 Dhvani Sondhi PRT
7 Simran PRT
8 Nisha Sharma PRT
9 Tanvir Kaur PRT
10 Meenu Bhardwaj PRT

Teachers List For 38-A

S.No. Teachers Names Designation
1 Asha Kumar Administrator
2 Sanjiv Kumar Bursar
3 Shashi Kumar  Co-ordinator
4 Anamika Sinha  PRT
5 Anju kumari  PRT
6 Anu Sharma  PRT
7 Anvita K Gupta  PRT
8 Archana Aggarwal  PRT
9 Asha Handa  PRT
10 Arti Bishnoi  PRT
11 Baljinder Kaur  PRT
12 Deepti Shrivastava  PRT
13 Kajol Chatterjee  PRT
14 Kalpana  PRT
15 Kavita Anand  PRT
16 Madhu Bhardwaj  PRT
17 Manju Bala  PRT
18 Neelu Sharma  PRT
19 Neeti Gupta  PRT
20 Neetisha Sharma  PRT
21 Parimal Bali  PRT
22 Parveen Singh  PRT
23 Ranjot Kaur  PRT
24 Reeta Kumari  PRT
25 Renu Narula  PRT
26 Ritu Kant  PRT
27 Rozy Chauhan  PRT
28 Seema Aggarwal  PRT
29 Shashi Bahri  PRT
30 Amrit Rosy  PRT
31 Shashi Wadhwa  PRT
32 Shikha  PRT
33 Smriti Puri  PRT
34 Sonia Goel  PRT
35 Sonia Kalyan  PRT
36 Sunita Prashar  PRT
37 Vijay Korpol  PRT
38 Vinder Pal Kaur  PRT
39 Anju Pasricha  PRT
40 Gulshan Bala  PRT
41 Gursharan Kaur  PRT
42 Manju Bala V  PRT
43 Meena Nayar  PRT
44 Neema Bhullar  PRT
45 Raminder  PRT
46 Aarti Chandel  PRT